MMV Hungarian Private Railway Ltd was founded on 1st December 2003.

The formation was based on the order Nr.15/2002 ( 27th February ) passed by KÖ–VIM, the competent ministry. The company got the Railway Operating Permission Nr. 4/2004 for transport and hauling on 8th July 2004. MMV was one of the firsts on the liberalized market started its competition with the road competitors, state plant and MÁV Cargo Ltd on 1st May 2004.

After the first years' difficulties the number of our partners and their orders have increased as the result of our hard work.

Our basic activity is transporting goods by block trains and we are also flexible according to new needs of the market.

After a careful preparatory work the first permix train started to run on 8th November 2010 between Bükkösd Kőbánya and Királyegyháza ( Nostra later on Lafarge Cement-works ).

The customer base is growing continuously owing to the reliable and accurate performance and competitive freight rates.

Main transport directions:

Significant results have also been attained in transport of extraordinary items and dangerous goods.

The company has own train staff, works with own and leased vehicles that has permanently been completed.

Electric locomotives: 10

Diesel locomotives: 8, 5 of them heavy-duty diesel-electric


Tanks: 37

EAS open-wagons: 62

MÁV-START Co. is our keypartner in freight haulage services.

The company has agreements with significant freight rail companies from neighbouring and other European countries. Transport abroad has been taken by these contracts.


Company name: MMV Hungarian Private Railway Company Limited by shares

Abbreviated name: MMV cPlc.

Head-quarters: 2040 Budaörs, Rubik Ernő u. 6.

4625 Záhony, Európa tér 20.

2440 Százhalombatta, 2611/1

Registery number: 13-10-042165
Tax number: 13210931-2-13
EU tax number: HU13210931

Supervisory authority: National Transport Authority


Functional licence: MVH/0-7 with the declaration 69/2007 (28/06/2007)

EU. ID-number of rail safety certification:

A: HU 11 2017 0008
B: HU 12 2017 0010

EU. ID-number of certification in charge of maintenance:

ECM HU 31 0017 0003

Quality certification:

HU09/4506 Railway transporting activity and connecting logistic activity

HU15/7730 Railway transporting activity and connecting logistic activity

CH15/0977 Railway transporting activity and connecting logistic activity


International Union of Railways ( UIC )
UIC-code: 3024

International Rail Transport Commitee ( CIT )

The company joined to the international agreements required to railway transport and acts on their regulations:

Convention concerning International Carriage by Rail ( COTIF )
General contract of use for wagons ( AVV )

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